The Strange Musician

If you’re unfamiliar with this Grimm Tale, you can easily find it on the internet and give it a nice read. It doesn’t take long. The repetition helps move it. When you start to think of all the trickster beings and how they usually manifest in their primary forms as coyotes, jackals, foxes, wolves, perhaps rabbits (“Look at the bones!”), you can see a bit of what this might be some about (might) (some). It should also be mentioned that the woods are always dangerous and contain temptations that must be warded off (see Dante’s Inferno, or grail questing).

When the mudman (Adam) was in the garden, many companions were also paraded before him who were thought to be inadequate; but, Adam didn’t feel the need to ensnare them to prove just how clever he was in comparison. This is an important and marked difference in these two views of the natural world. The Strange Musician must outwit the tricksters inside of a forest which is boring to him. There are clearly no adventures worthy of him and he must go calling on danger and when it shows its furry faces, it doesn’t take much to tidy them up.

This musician’s companion, you might expect to be a maiden, or maybe a young child that he might cast in the role of his ingenue-knave-squire.

Oh, do read it


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