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The Witch at Sparrow Creek – updates and acknowledgements

The book’s available NOW at Barnes and Noble and Hippocampus and Rising Shadow – SOON  it will also be available in eBook and Kindle format. I will post as soon as I know.

There are so many, many of you who were part of this book, whether you knew it or not! It’s hard to make these kinds of lists because you might miss someone, but the greatest thing about writing is that you can always edit!

I especially want to thank my editor, ST Joshi, who took the time to read through an early manuscript and honored my work by telling me the truth about it and sending me in the right direction.

Also, my publisher, Hippocampus, and its founder, Mr. Hussey, for the kindest guidance, care-taking, inspiration, and for introducing me to the glimmering, shadowy landscape of weird fiction.

My wife, Sarah, for her enormous love, her constant, logical questions, for being my original editor, and for loving me throughout, despite my meltdowns and bad impersonations.

My dad, for telling me specifically to change the title and for being my friend since my first memories..

My sister, for loving me so much and for teaching me that witches can be very good people.

My mom, for instilling in me the love and respect for the native people of this land and the way they respect the creation. And for being the first reader of my story, for editing, and for telling me about the parts that scared her so much she had to put it down! I kept all those parts, Mom!

Orton Jones, also for editing, reading and generally supporting his odd, but lovable son-in-law through awkward times, canasta, and adventures in Greece.

Mary Jo, for always making me laugh and keeping me in line and beating me at canasta.

Janet Kent, for being so, so excited about the book! And for always making me feel at home.

Amy Williams, for reminding me that I’m a writer, not letting me forget it, and helping me become the kind of person who has a book published and smiles more often.

Fred Mowery, for being an early reader, and inspiration, and to Sarah and Fred for giving me a space where my dreams can come true!

Clemente Ruiz for cussing me out when I really needed it more than anything else.

Mr. Watts, for being a man of action.

Moxxee, and the gang over there that makes my coffee, like everyday. It’s the best coffee in the world! It really is, thank you!

Dr. Tom Robinson, for helping me become such good friends with CS Lewis, and for lighting the Way.

Mr. Mudd, for always making me feel like a celebrity, for lifting me toward heaven – and for cherry cobbler made on the campfire.

Everyone who played Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, MERP, TMNT, Vampire the Masquerade, Shadowrun, Planet Zeon, Hamlet 1992, Lazer Tag, and everything else. The clackity-click of a d20 on a kitchen table top is still my favorite sound – Gary, Jeremy, Rusty, Travis, Chuck!






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