Free! Jim Falk “mini-sode” – Available now!

Download it for free today!
The three part miniseries The Raggedy Man takes place a decade or so prior to the events of my full length novel The Witch at Sparrow Creek (Kindle version now available!) 

Part 1 – Sundown in Jasper
A dark force seeks to advance its reach into the “unconnected parts” far south of Hopestill. Clive Miter, a cruel slave trader, is plying his trade toward this purpose in the abandoned town of Jasper. Miter’s transaction goes awry and a legendary map is stolen.

This content is 100% free and will be available only on this blog. Copyright 2015 Josh Kent

The Raggedy Man A Jim Falk Adventure Part 1 Sundown in Jasper by Josh Kent Copyright 2015 Josh Kent

Click the title above to download the PDF!

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