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The Adventures of Jim Falk

“The Adventures” take place a decade or so before the novel The Witch at Sparrow Creek – now available for $6 on Kindle!

Download the first two episodes for FREE!! Art by Scott Hanson

The Raggedy Man Part 2 The King of the Black Pond copyright 2015 Josh Kent

Part 2 – The King of the Black Pond
Following a mysterious map, Falk and his strange new acquaintance head south-wise with their newly acquired horses and wagon. The journey takes them deep into the swamps, but Yav Shah soon realizes they are being watched. When a spell begins to drain their stamina and tire the horses, they make camp in the dark. What lurks in the shadows and gnarled branches waiting for the weary companions?

If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1 – here it is!

The Raggedy Man A Jim Falk Adventure Part 1 Sundown in Jasper by Josh Kent Copyright 2015 Josh Kent

Part 1 – Sundown in Jasper
A dark force seeks to advance its reach into the “unconnected parts” far south of Hopestill. Clive Miter, a cruel slave trader, is plying his trade toward this purpose in the abandoned town of Jasper. Miter’s transaction goes awry and a legendary map is stolen.

This content is 100% free and will be available only on this blog. Copyright 2015 Josh Kent

NEW!! Falk Art by Hanson
More to come from artist and storyteller Scott Hanson – check out his first rendering here!

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