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The Raven Queen’s Pick of the Litter

Toshik’s friend was named Joshif, but everyone called him Rabbitface. They were playing in the field when the Necromancer opened the gates of the ruined temple. At first, Toshik, Rabbitface, and the little halfling girl just heard people shouting. Then, it got worse. The hideous, guttural noises that the ghouls made, the crunching of bones. They stood silent and frozen with fear. Then, they saw him. The Necromancer was running through the woods – running for his life. Toshik would never forget his face, the eyes close together, the shabby beard and scabs across his cheeks, the terror in his green eyes. Toshik’s father was killed that day by an undead monster. Joshif’s entire family met their fate in the terrible hands of those creatures. Toshik’s mother adopted Rabbitface and the two became brothers in tragedy. The little halfling girl, Ivy Forrester, moved away with her Aunt Miira to work in Neverwinter eventually Ivy and Miira owned a small pub in Trimbleton. Toshik had a different path and Rabbitface went where Toshik went.

Toshik became aware of two things after the traumatic events of what the townsfolk of Mackle’s Finding called “Temple”. One, he began to have strange dreams, premonitions, he dreamed of ravens; two, his hands were nimble. He could hide small objects, distract others, misdirect…Toshik took advantage of this. Playing “Dragonbane” or “Five Lords”and using Rabbitface as a lure. He would draw in a crowd by acting frustrated as Rabbitface beat him and won larger sums of money. Toshik had memorized the deck and was lightning quick at counting the cards and sleight-of-handing winning cards into Rabbitface’s draw pile.

When he slept a female presence began to visit him. She never used words, but she spoke in images. Sometimes softly, sometimes with rage. She promised he would avenge his father’s death. She promised to help him do it in return for his devotion. He came to know her as the Raven Queen and she offered him unnatural gifts and protection. She offered him power and importantly, revenge.

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